Finland placing 5th at the world cup

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Roller Derby Team Finland finished fifth in the World Championships. As an underdog Team Finland surprised everyone by finishing as the second best European team of the “Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World Cup 2011” tournament held in Toronto

“We went to Toronto to get to play with the best in the world, and we would have been happy in the top ten.” says Team Finland assistant Eeva Partanen.

The last fight of the tournament, Finland defeated Sweden 126-100.

“We are not only completely stumped, but also more than satisfied with team’s performance. And most importantly, we won Sweden. This year’s team set the bar very high to the next World Cup in mind. “

United States won the World Cup, of course, as Canada and England placing second and third. Altogether 13 countries participated in the tournament.

“The atmosphere was absolutely amazing, all teams encouraged each others. We were the underdog, in principle, but the all the work we did this year is paying off. No one surely would have thought in advance that Finland would be the second best in Europe in Roller Derby” team captain Summer Hokkari sums up.


1. USA
2. Canada
3. England
4. Australia
5. Finland
6. Sweden
7. France
8. New Zealand
9. Germany
10. Ireland
11. Scotland
12. Brazil
13. Argentina

Roller Derby is a fast growing sport, which arrived in Finland in 2009. The Finnish national team was founded in early 2011 and the Toronto World Championships were the team’s first international major tournament.

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