Fullsteam as Team Finland main sponsor!

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Team Finland Fullsteam Ahead

Roller derby is not only a physically and tactically demanding sport, but also very fun and entertaining to watch. We feel we have loads in common with the sport, too! We see similarities between the worlds of roller derby and rock ‘n’ roll, and the Finnish actives of roller derby have done amazing pioneer work in their field as well. Who wouldn’t want to support that?
– Juha Kyyrö, Fullsteam

Team Finland is more than excited about having Fullsteam as their main sponsor! Fullsteam is a multi-talented company, an independent group, that represents both domestic (Finland) and international music. They are very open-minded towards new cool things that happen in Finland. It doesn’t always need to be about music: this time they decided to co-operate with the fastest growing, female fronted sport: Roller derby! We are proud to wear our Fullsteam shirts to give support back to our sponsor. Team Finland even picked a team introduction song from Fullsteam’s band list. Sweatmaster’s Animal is the perfect choice for the team to get the rhythm in our hearts banging on the right beat before the game.

As Team Finland travels to Toronto, Canada to play in the first World Cup in the history of modern roller derby, we are all happy to shout our motto out loud and proud: “Team Finland Fullsteam Ahead!”