Interview with White Night Furies

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Roller Derby Division 1 season 2018-2019 is special in many ways. This season we have White Night Furies, a team from Saint-Petersburg, participating in Finnish series. We interviewed White Night Furies player Hulk about their team and their season start on 1st Dec 2018.

When was your team established? How long have you been skating?

Our team was established in 2013. We still have 2-3 skaters from that year, they are skating for 5 years already and me too.

How has your team developed? What games have you played previously?

We developed a lot since 2013, skating under the bridge and outside mostly. We had 10-12 skaters in only one team, we even had some men and a couple of kids in the team!

We now have 4 teams and 55 people in the league. Two of the teams (White Night Furies and Ingria Rollers) are competitive travel teams, Baltic Witches is a recreational and one is for refrees, NSO’s and announcers.

We also now some skaters who left and now skating in different teams in Europe – in Germany and Great Britain.

Previously our White Night Furies had 1-2 games a year. Since 2016 we have been participating in Pohjola Cup and Slavic Tournament, having more games to play. This year we are taking part in Finnish Nationals 🙂

Our Ingria Rollers play in Baltic region mostly, with local teams. This year they participate in Slavic\Baltic Tournament in Warsaw in Sevens Tournament for the first time.


What do you expect from Finnish Division 1 as the first team outside of Finland?

From Finnish Division 1 we expect to lose some games and we expect to build a new team on it. The team, which works together, with people who have the same team goals and their own goals also. Being the first team outside of Finland and taking part in such event means a lot to me as a co-captain of White Night Furies, because it has been my personal goal for 2-3 years already – to do everything so our team could take part in Finnish Nationals. And now the dream came true!

How do you see the future of Russian roller derby?

The Moscow team, Rollerciraptor Derby Moscow, is finally alive and next year our recreational team will have home bout against them which is fantastic!

I see a lot of opportunities for Russian roller derby from the Short Track roller derby – and we’ll develop this idea next year in summer. We will promote the rules and gameplay of short teack roller derby to the people from other Russian cities so they can already start to play roller derby. From Short Track roller derby they will increase to full roller derby rules and track if they want. Short Track Roller Derby will help them to start from small things.

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