Team Finland (5) take on USA (1)

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Team USA are coming to Helsinki!!

USA’s first ever international boot camp being held in Helsinki, Finland, September 1st – 2nd. During their stay here Team USA will be playing in two exhibition bouts against Finland (5) and Sweden (6).

Helsinki Roller Derby are hosting the event and are working hard to make this weekend special for everyone flying to Helsinki.  Tickets for the boot camp have been sold to people from Finland, Sweden, the UK, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Australia and the USA! So the crowd will be fun and diverse!

These Coaches from Team USA will be teaching in this boot camp and playing in the bouts:
Addy Rawl
Tracy Disco Akers
Bonnie Thunders
Claire D. Way
Donna Matrix
Fisti Cuffs
Joy Collision
Juke Boxx
Sexy Slaydie
Smarty Pants
Snot Rocket Science
Suzy Hotrod
Teflon Donna

-WOW are we excited!

Tickets for the bout are on sale soon…Join the event page on Facebook for quick updates and information.

Get excited as our Team Finland get ready to play the world’s best!